The First FrSky Electronic Speed Control (ESC) – FrBLS_30A


FrBLS_30A is the first Electronic Speed Control (ESC) which is developed by FrSky Team. This ESC operates on the BLHeli-S open source program, so you can experience all the features of the BLHeli-S and complete compatibility with FrSky Flight Controllers and receivers. We use light weight materials to reduce the all up weight of the drone. Take flight with the reliability of FrSky..


  • Size (L*W*H): 32*14.6*4.5mm
  • Weight: 4.6g
  • Constant Current: 30A
  • Burst Current(10s): 45A
  • BEC: NOT Support
  • LiPo Cells: Support 3-6S


  • EMF8BB2 chip and 48MHz operating frequency
  • Built-in BLHeli-S open source program
  • Mini size and lighter weight
  • Support OneShot 125, OneShot 42 and Multishot mode
  • Support DShot 300, DShot 600 mode
  • Maximum support the refresh rate as high as 621Hz in normal throttle mode, compatible with all kinds of FCs
  • Match with 470uF high-capacity ceramic capacitor

Retail Price (Tax Excluded): 11.99US$

FrBLS_30A Detail Link: